2016 would have been the year of Andrew Jackman's 70th birthday.

Andrew Jackman 70 will celebrate his memory and his family is approaching musicians from all parts of the world, professional and amateur, to programme one of Andrew’s compositions during the year.

In return for free music, please just send your programme, audio or video clip to show you brought the music to life.

Andrew Jackman was born on 13th July 1946 in Yardley, Birmingham.

His career in music spanned
nearly forty years as an arranger, conductor, composer and performer.

In 2003 he died of a heart attack, whilst walking his dog Nell, leaving a substantial number of compositions.


Andrew's compositions with the forces necessary for performance are listed here.

Much of the music is not published although it has been performed. If you would like to perform any of the unpublished work, please contact us for a free copy score and parts.



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